Las Chapas

Las Chapas beach is located in the Malagueño municipality of Marbella, in the eastern part of its coastline. A beach in which the atmosphere and glamor is present in the clubs that surround it, including the popular Nikki Beach.

It extends along 750 meters corresponding to the residential area of ​​the same name, and has about 25 meters of average width.

It is one of the most beautiful and recognized beaches of Marbella. This popularity does not affect, however, its tranquility. Las Chapas beach is not usually crowded, which makes it even more special. Although the number increases in high seasons, the degree of occupation remains medium throughout the year.

In this part of the coast a good number of restaurants and establishments of great quality are located and of course, also beach clubs, whose model of leisure, fun and glamor find in Marbella its most spectacular version.

The famous Nikki Beach is located in this area. It is a fabulous space where we can enjoy both good music, the best food, entertainment activities, the magic of the world of fashion and artistic manifestations. All on the beachfront facing the Mediterranean. Nikki Beach chose Marbella as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. This revolutionary concept of local is present in other exclusive places like Miami Beach or Saint Tropez.